Building Luc’s Guitar

One of my current builds is for a friend of mine who is currently residing in Belgium. He wanted an OM with a venetian cutaway and was more interested in the sound than having a guitar with all the bling so we chose Sitka and Mahogany and a decoration scheme of herringbone to achieve a restrained but refined look. The making of the ribs with the asymmetrical cutaway was the first thing to tackle so I made a few modifications to my bending appartus to create the new shape of the soft cutaway. After the bending it was time to join the ribs to the blocks in the mold and start to add the reverse kerfed linings to continue building the structure.Next was the making of the top and back of the guitar. Because the top is literally the engine of the guitar a lot of attention to detail is needed to make it work. One area to pay close attention to when you make the top is to make sure that your top is not to stiff to start with so that the guitar is not overly bright and therefore will not have the bass response that you desire. I manipulate the stiffness by methodically testing with a weight and then planing by hand until the desire stiffness is achieved.

After the top has been braced and the rosette installed it is glued to the rims in the go bar deck.

The back is then put on in a similar way….

Then begins the process of binding the guitar with the wood binding and the herringbone purfling…

The box completely bound…

Luc's guitar bound along with another I was working on at the same time.

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