I have recently added a new model that I call the Journeyman. That makes two levels of instruments that I currently make.  The Journeyman and my Premium guitars . The aim of the Journeyman model is to offer great sound and playability at an affordable price. These guitars are all solid wood guitars built with all the care and attention that I always put into an instrument but without the extra decoration, rare tonewoods and high end finishes and tuners that I put on my highest level of instrument, my Premium Series.  They are designed for working musicians or anyone who wants a high quality hand crafted guitar at an affordable price. I use woods that are plainer, its true,  but they are good and honest tonewoods that I have specifically sourced to be able to make a solid wood guitar that will sound wonderful.  Currently I make this model in the Dreadnought and Orchestra Model (OM) sizes and I am planning to add an Acoustic Bass to the line as well. The acoustic performance is outstanding as the top and back plate resonant frequencies are assigned to create a specific relationship to achieve the best performance.The Journeyman is a true luthier built instrument available a good value price for the working musician or performer.