My Latest Guitars

Brazilian OM made from Whatnot bought on eBayBack of Whatnot guitar...Lovely Brazilian!

Lately I have been making some guitars from wood reclaimed from antique furniture. It began when I bought a small piece of furniture from eBay called a whatnot. These are small shelves that people used to display their precious items on. The best ones were made from rare Brazilian Rosewood like the one I was able to purchase. That got me thinking that there is a resource of rare and fine woods out there idly sitting in antique pieces of furniture so I started to collect pieces that were available and not too expensive. I was able to find quite a few nice pieces on a recent trip to the UK. I enjoyed rummaging through auction houses and antique stores to find some donor pieces for future guitars. Here are some of the furniture I found and some of the guitars that I made from them.

Author John Buckham's haul of antique furnitureCuban Mahogany tableBrazilian Rosewood Table....Solid!

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