Shed Visit to MCW

This week I travelled up to Lismore to Micheal Connor’s place to saw up some Brazilian Mahogany into guitar sets. We had bought a couple of prime sticks from a local furniture maker who had it in his stash for about 30+ years.  Micheal makes ukuleles and guitars as well as wooden surfboards and work benches.

Here are the mahogany boards…deliberation took a long time as we wanted to get the most out of the material and keep the dust making to the bare minimum.

Once the decision making was over it was time to carefully slice these beautiful billets into guitar sets.  Micheal has some of the finest wood separating  devices on the planet….an old 1950′s Wadkin Bandsaw and a Hitachi CB75 Resaw!

We found this python skin in his workshop but we didn’t see its owner!     The skin measures about 10 ft 4 inches or about 3 meters! I’m glad that we didn’t run into him while I was there!

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